Sunday, May 6, 2007

Possibly moving... and my daemon ...

OK last few weeks I was unable to login on my blog to publish new posts. I thought it was some internal error but it seems I was wrong. Anyhow I was constantly getting some error code and I’ve sent it on Blogger Help group only to found out I’m not the only one with the same problem. Sadly, no one from Blogger support team hasn’t post solution or at least some advice.
During the waiting I went on so many events I’d like to post here and due to the login problem I lost my enthusiasm to write them and save for some future moment :(
Also I was quite angry because of the ignorance of the Big Blogger!
So I created new blog on Wordpress but it’s still under construction. Actually I'm kind of hesitating to start posting there because I like it here (I guess I’m so spoiled with easiness that blogger offers) but more because of all my previous posts here. It’s like I’m abandoning them (silly I know).
However tonight I accidentally logged in without any problem and therefore I’m posting this. I don’t know is this means that problem is solved or is temporary solution.
So if I disappear again that will mean I can’t login again and I’m definitively moving there (any advice with Wordpress or WP vs Blogger?)

My daemon

In the meanwhile I’ll post about my daemon.
Yep anyone who is fan of Philip Pulman’s The Golden Compass (I’m not but I like this idea) will know what I’m talking about. And who knows, since I like this idea maybe I’ll read Pulman’s trilogy :)
OK when I’ve done my ‘testing’ I was raccoon but I see now I’m wolf. That’s because some of my friends replied on some questions about who I am and apparently changed a little bit my image. Of course you can change my daemon’s shape as well by clicking HERE (My Daemon) or on the image above :-)

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Lotus Reads said...

LOL, Milan, this is fun, I might borrow the idea from you! :)

I did the test and ooops, you're back to being a racoon now! lol