Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I moved my blog!!!

As I posted in my previous post I have some huge problems to login on my own (but also on some other´s blogs on blogger).
Now I´m using PC in the Institute Cervantes thinking what to do and I think it would be ridiculous to wait to things get solved. I saw so many people with the same problem who are screaming on Blogger Help Group but no one is giving them any advice or solution so I decided to move my blog on some other place...

Anyway this is my new nest: My New Blog!


david mcmahon said...

Hi Milan,

Followed your link from you wonderful addition to my `Passing Sentence' post on my blog.

I've really enjoyed the look and tempo of your blog. Will bookmark it and return.

By the way, you should leave your url on my site, to officially nominate your blog for Aussiejourno's Weekly Blog Awards.

Nice graphics on your site, too.



Kimo and Sabi said...

Fank fer visitin' us! We was reading more of yer bloggie (but don't tell our furriends because they would not understand that we talked to a V-E-T) and we saw dat you was nominated fer da Thinking was we - And we is cats! Um, and about being "offensive" you should read our furriend Kukka Marie's bloggie at She has a litter-box mouth! We had to ask Mommakitty what da word "vagina" meant - she said the official term is vahineyhoohoo. Since you are gonna be a V-E-T, you should learn da proper terms - you know, us cats have our own language; When us boy kitties get our mancat parts removed, it's called a hoo-haa-ectomy, and da gurl kitties proceedure is called a lady-garden-ectomy. Well, that's about enough fer now - time fer another nap. CAT ya later - visit us again!